The web http://abroadbarcelona.com (hereinafter, the "Web") is owned by the company WELOVEBCN, (hereinafter, "WELOVEBCN" or the "Company") Spanish company with registered office in Carrer deputation 224 E2, owner of CIF number X9753335R and registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona.

The Company makes the web http://tickets.welovebcn.es available to Internet users so that they can get to know WELOVEBCN as well as the products it offers and hire them if they wish, as well as contacting WELOVEBCN or know the procedures to follow to acquire the products, the conditions of return of the same, the forms of available payment, the deadlines of shipments, etc.


As a general rule, except in case of special events, and up to 72 hours before the start of the event, the company will allow modifications, changes or refunds in tickets purchased through the web. By company policy, in the purchase of tickets, it does not add extra charges or transaction costs which are entirely borne by the company and for this reason, in case of cancellation, an amount of 2 € + 10% will be deducted for each ticket returned. In case of changes and changes in the date or services, the client must pay the amount of the difference if there is one.


These conditions of use and contracting (hereinafter, the "General Conditions") regulate, along with the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy, the use of the website http://tickets.welovebcn.es as well as the hiring of products offered by the Company through the Web. These General Conditions will be available to you on the web in Spanish so that you can consult, archive or print them at any time.

To know any question related to the management of the Company by your personal data or the cookies it uses, you can visit our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy. Both policies will be equally available to you in Spanish and English so that they can consult, archive or print them whenever they want.

Certain products offered by WELOVEBCN on the Web may be subject to a specific or specific regime regarding the right of withdrawal. You can find the special features or characteristics of the contracting of these products in their respective particular conditions, included in these general conditions as their own sections.

Both these General Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy have been drafted in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations on the Internet, electronic commerce and data protection, among others, the Law 34 / 2002, of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce and the Organic Law 15 / 1999, of December 13, of Protection of Personal Data.


Through the web http://tickets.welovebcn.es, WELOVEBCN offers you an online shopping service available at 24 hours of the day where you can easily and conveniently purchase the products you choose.

The use of the Web attributes to the users of the Internet the condition of User (hereinafter, the "User") and implies the full and unreserved acceptance of these General Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy.

Access to the Web is free except for the part related to the cost of the connection through the telecommunications network provided by the access provider you have hired.

By accessing the Website you declare that you are of legal age and that you have the necessary legal capacity to contract the products offered on the Website in accordance with these General Conditions, which you also declare to understand and accept in its entirety.

The User can freely browse the Web and access it as many times as he wants. You can also browse the Web without registering or creating an account. However, to purchase the products offered on the web, it may be necessary to register. Registration option with Facebook Connect

In the event that you forget or lose your password, the Company offers a password recovery system on the Web. Clicking on the link and by entering the registration email, the Company will provide a new password to said email if it has been effectively recognized by WELOVEBCN as the User registration email.

Also, you can change your password at any time through the password change system that the Company makes available on the Web through the link. By clicking on this link you can change your password and create a new password. To do this you only have to click on the link, enter your previous password, enter your new password and confirm it.

Those fields whose completion is mandatory will be duly marked with an asterisk so you can clearly identify them. Also those data whose completion has been detected as defective, incorrect or incomplete by the Web will be properly marked so that you can enter them correctly.

You are solely responsible for providing your data correctly in the registration and contracting processes established on the Website and maintaining the confidential, personal and secret nature of the corresponding passwords and registry keys. Therefore, WELOVEBCN reminds you that you must pay special attention and care regarding the introduction of your personal data, especially the bank details and delivery of the order and not share your registration and password with third parties. Any damage or loss derived directly or indirectly from WELOVEBCN or from third parties under your registration email and password will be your sole responsibility.


As a User of the website http://tickets.welovebcn.es you agree to use the Website in accordance with these General Conditions, good faith and current legislation. Likewise, you declare and declare that you are of legal age and understand these General Conditions.

The prices and conditions of the services offered in WELOVEBCN are specified by the clubs and are not negotiable. They are always orientative and are subject to availability and changes without prior notice in case the club deems it necessary. WELOVEBCN is committed to the full refund of the amount paid in case the client requires it before an unexpected change of prices or conditions.

It is strictly forbidden to contract products through the Web by minors. In this respect WELOVEBCN reserves the right to verify the accuracy of the data provided by Users, especially their age. The Company will not assume any responsibility for people who fail to comply with these General Conditions, the applicable regulations, whether they are minors or have been previously expelled from the Web.

In any case, you must abstain from:

  • 1 Reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate, transform or modify the Website or any of its contents, including these General Conditions, regardless of the purpose of such use, without prior written authorization from the Company.
  • 2 Introduce in the Web or its network data programs that may cause damage to the computer systems of the Company, its suppliers or third parties.
  • 3 Carry out any type of illicit, fraudulent activity, contrary to these Conditions of use, current legislation and / or good faith or that hinders and / or hinders the correct use of the website or its contents.
  • 4 Insert in web pages, platforms, forums, chats, blogs or other social networks any type of link or link that allows linking or reproducing the Web or its contents with those websites, platforms, forums, chats, blogs or other social networks except if the link only links directly to the main page of the website without being able to reproduce it in any way.
  • 5 Link or reproduce the Web or its contents from websites, platforms, forums, chats, blogs or other social networks that are contrary to the law, offensive or threatening against human dignity, fundamental rights or the Company itself and / or are susceptible to be considered criminal.
  • 6 Introduce and / or disseminate content on the Web that violate the human rights and dignity of people such as racist, xenophobic, pornographic content or that suppose terrorism apology.


The Web and its contents are subject to protection in application of current national regulations on Intellectual and / or Industrial Property. WELOVEBCN is the owner or duly licensed all Intellectual and Industrial Property rights over the Web and its contents.

It is prohibited any form of reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation, making available and, in general, any other act of exploitation, whether or not commercial purposes of the web or its contents, without prior and express consent of the Company.

The Company reserves all the rights of Intellectual and Industrial Property over the Web and its contents. In no case and under no circumstances access to the Web or navigation thereof constitute or imply a cession of any kind by the Company of the Intellectual or Industrial Property rights of the web or its contents.

Privacy PolicyThe following text details WELOVEBCN's privacy policy and the way in which it manages personal data. It is mandatory reading and acceptance to continue browsing and access the various services on this website.

In compliance with the provisions of the Organic Law 15 / 1999, of 13 of December, of Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), Regulation (EU) 2016 / 679 of the European Parliament and of the 27 Council of April of 2016 ( RGPD) and Law 34 / 2002, of 11 of July, of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE or LSSI), informs the user that:

The personal information that is requested from the user in the different forms of this website, will never be used for purposes other than those defined in this policy.

The personal information requested will always be the minimum required to provide the service and, unless expressly authorized by the user or legal obligation, will not be transferred to third parties.

The data collected on this website will be included in a treatment called "Web Contacts" and whose purpose will be to respond to queries, manage user comments and inclusion, if confirmed by the user, in a mailing list to receive periodic communications

Identifying data of the owner of the web
VAT number: X9753335R
Email: giorgio.welov@gmail.com
Address: Carrer diputacion 224 E2

Information on data processing
In order to comply with the provisions of the General Regulation of Data Protection of the EU, the user must receive timely and specific information from the person responsible for the treatment and its uses and purposes. For this, the following aspects are reported:

Information about the treatment


VAT number: X9753335R
Email: giorgio.welov@gmail.com
Address: Carrer diputacion 224 E2


The Delegate of Data Protection, will have among others the functions of informing and advising the person in charge or the one in charge of the treatment and the employees who deal with the treatment of the obligations incumbent on them under this Regulation and other data protection provisions. of the Union or of the Member States; as stated in article 39 of the RGPDUE

And since these data treatments meet the requirements indicated in article 37 of the RGPDUE (General Regulation of Data Protection of the European Union 2016 / 679 of the 27 of April).

In view of the foregoing, THE MANAGER OF PROCESSING proceeds to the appointment of G. BISCI, with NIF X9753335R, as Delegate of Data Protection, assuming the tasks and functions inherent to his position.Purpose
Respond to the questions raised, manage user comments and inclusion, if confirmed by the user, in a mailing list to receive periodic communications. The information will be maintained for a maximum period of 12 months from the last update, as long as there is no request for deletion by the user.

Consent of the affected

Data categories
Identification data

No cessions are foreseen

All the rights included in the current regulations regarding privacy

Origin of the data
The user himself

We believe that the protection of personal data is essential, so that in the event that the user is less than 18 years, it can only provide their personal data with the prior consent of the parents or guardians. 

Data communications 
For technical reasons and quality of service, this website is hosted on the OVH servers. In the same sense, the provision of subscription service by email and newsletter delivery is made through our own system. 

Updates and changes in the privacy policy
The owner of this website may modify this Privacy Policy in accordance with legislative requirements, regulations, or in order to adapt this policy to the instructions issued by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, therefore Users are advised that the visit periodically 

Express consent
As a user, you declare to have been adequately informed about the data protection policies of this website, accepting and consenting to the treatment thereof by the owner of the same, for the purposes set out in this policy. 

Period of conservation of the data

Personal data will only be processed for as long as it is necessary, useful and relevant. Once the relationship is finalized, the data will be kept for the sole purpose of and for the time necessary to comply with the applicable legal obligations.

This document was last updated on the 25 of May of 2018.


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