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The clubs can reopen in phase 3 but without a dance floor.

HR nightclubs and nightclubs will be able to reopen from Phase 3 of de-escalated, although without exceeding a third of its capacity nor use the dance floors. This is determined by the order of the Ministry of Health published this Saturday by the Official State Gazette and rectifying the one issued a week ago, in which the reopening of this type of establishment was prohibited.

The order, which makes some of the measures for phases 2 and 3 more flexible due to the pandemic of coronavirus, also allows occupation of all seats on public transport and reopening of bullfighting venues and facilities outdoors from Phase 2.

[Consult the BOE with the new measures for phases 2 and 3]

The document, which justifies the adoption of these measures due to "the positive epidemiological evolution", authorizes the reopening of discotheques and nightlife bars to the public "as long as a third of its capacity is not exceeded»And the hygiene and social distance conditions foreseen for the rest of the hotel and restaurant establishments are met. In addition, it specifies that when there is a space in the premises for a dance floor or similar, it may be used to install tables or table groups, not being able to dedicate said space to its habitual use ».

It also allows opening of the outdoor terraces of this type of establishment in the same capacity, hygiene and safety conditions as in the rest of the hotel terraces.De-escalation guide: What can I do in each phase?

Although in the plan that the government approved on April 28 to de-escalate the discotheques were scheduled to reopen with the start of Phase 3, a week ago the BOE expressly prohibited that possibility, which raised protests from employers and workers in the sector. Finally, Health has rectified and all territories that as of Monday advance to Phase 3 -in which live more than half of the Spanish- They will be able to initiate the reopening of this type of premises.A Flourish data visualization

Reopening of the bullrings

As for the bullrings, enclosures and outdoor bullfighting facilities, its reopening is already allowed in Phase 2 - in which from Monday will be the remaining 48% of the Spanish- with "a maximum capacity of one third and no more than 400 people".

The limit increases in Phase 3 half the capacity allowed and a maximum of 800 people. The BOE establishes that the seats must be pre-assigned and that "materials that are supplied to users during the course of the activity and that are for shared use must be disinfected after each use". A Flourish data visualization

Buses and trains may occupy all seats

Another novelty that includes the BOE is the possibility of occupying in all phases 100% of the seating positions in public land transport; that is to say, bus, metro and train. In cases in which "all occupants must be seated, all seats can be used", the order indicates, although it recommends that, "when the level of occupancy permits", "maximum separation between users be sought ».

In those urban and periurban transport «in which there are platforms enabled for the transport of standing passengers»The occupation of all the seated seats is also allowed« and a reference of occupation of two users for each square meter in the area authorized to travel on foot ”.

The order also states that those private private transport in nine-seater vehicles, including the driver, they can occupy all the seats of the vehicle as long as it is by people residing at the same address; when not, a maximum of two people per row of seats is allowed.

While in the public transport of travelers in vehicles of up to nine seats, including the driver -such as taxis and VTC-, two people can move for each additional row of seats compared to that of the driver, although in the case of cohabiting, three people can be located per row different from that of the driver.

In those vehicles with only one row of seats, such as cabins for heavy vehicles or vans, a maximum of two people can travel, provided they keep the maximum possible distance. 

As for the motorcycles, mopeds and vehicles of category L that have two approved seats - driver and passenger - two people can travel, with the obligation to wear gloves for both in the case of motorcycles and mopeds. 

Retail opening without appointmentThe premises of more than 400 meters will be able to open delimiting the public attention spaceOpening of shopping centers, common areas are still closed and capacity is limited to 40%The common areas of the shopping malls reopen. Capacity limited to 50%
You can pick up takeout foodTerrace opening with 50% occupancy limitation. Maximum 10 people per tableThey open the premises with a limitation of between 30% and 50% of the capacity. Table service onlyReopening of discotheques with a third capacity and without use of the dance floor.
Medium and long distance: Limitation of service to 30% of normalFreedom of movement and transfer to second residence (within the same province)All 100% urban and interurban public transport services
Opening of educational centers for disinfection and administrative work and return of scientific research centersNon-university educational centers may resume face-to-face classes
Museums open to 33% of the capacity, loans in libraries and bullfights are allowedMuseums open to 33% of the capacity and shows with less than 30 people are allowedCinemas, theaters and concert halls can open 33% of their capacityCinemas, theaters and auditoriums, with 50% capacity. Concert halls, at 33%
Hotels open, excluding public areasOpening of common areas in hotels limited to 33% of the capacityOpening of common areas limited to 50% of the capacity.
Opening to 33% of the capacityOpening to 33% of the capacityOpening to 50% of the capacity
It is allowed to go to beaches
the updated phases

Last extension of alarm status

In addition, the Official State Gazette has published this Saturday the Royal Decree extending the state of alarm from this Sunday until 00:00 on June 21, the sixth extension since it was declared the March 14 for the management of the health crisis.

The document establishes that the presidents of the autonomous communities who is in Phase 3 of the de-escalation will be the ones have "exclusively" the powers for the «adoption, suppression, modulation and execution of the corresponding measures», except those of freedom of movement that exceed the territorial scope.

The BOE indicates that the autonomous communities will decide, according to sanitary and epidemiological criteria, the moment in which the different provinces, islands or territorial units that compose it pass Phase 3 and they enter the "new normal".

The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez announced last week that this would be the last extension of the state of alarm and justified his request in the need to complete the process of de-escalation by the pandemic.