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Phase 3: the new rules in the Clubs

With the arrival of the long-awaited phase 3, the country is getting closer to its "new normal" and greater flexibility in the coverage of public premises. And, although the Government has granted some relief in this regard with the opening of bars and terraces and the reunions between family and friends, there is a sphere of social interaction that they seemed to have forgotten: nightlife.

Discussions about nightclubs have been on the sidelines during all this time, but now, after the publication of the ministerial order of June 6, an additional section is granted in Article 18 by which the "reopening of nightclubs nightlife clubs and bars » as long as a third of its capacity is not exceeded.

So let's see what are the conditions, rules and recommendations for customers

  • Use of mask and capacity. The plan states that each location will establish the "maximum occupancy of the location so that the safety distance between customers is allowed to be respected." However, Health has not yet determined the capacity limit for nightclubs or nightclubs in phase 3. But they do promote from the federation the use of masks, remembering that it is mandatory in closed spaces and when interpersonal distance cannot be maintained.
  • Posters and protective material. As for the interior of the establishments, they must have posters and signs that show the protocols of action to the public and which reflect: admission criteria to the premises, hygienic measures to follow and any type of information that the committee considers necessary. In addition, the premises must have all the necessary preventive sanitary materials, such as hydroalcoholic gelsface masks gloves or "the protective equipment necessary for personnel, non contact thermometer, insulating panels and dataphones or POS«. "The operation of the air renewal and evacuation systems, filters, grilles, air conditioning systems, toilet extractors and each of the equipment installed as a preventive measure must be controlled more frequently," he said in another section.
  • Cleaning and disinfection. They will have to be increased and strengthened, paying special attention to areas where there is greater physical contact between customers, where they pass more frequently or frequent contact surfaces such as railings, handrails, door knobs, tables, bars, toilets, elevators, etc.
  • Access control. There will also be an access control and in the queues the staff - responsible for compliance with all measures inside and outside the space - will be in charge of ensuring that people comply with the minimum interpersonal distance, even outside the club; in case of any of the clients do not comply with the corresponding sanitary measures, they may be expelled from the premises. In addition, the ticket office must have a protective screen or, failing that, that staff use a mask.
  • Protocol on the bars. These surfaces must be protected by partitions that guarantee the distance regulations and the bar staff will wear face masks or screens, additionally complying with the correct hand washing; the glasses «and other elements for the drinking service will be disposable or guarantee their disinfection at> 80º» and recommend the use of ecological straws.
  • Wardrobe. Those responsible for providing this service must be properly protected and use disposable covers for each garment, in addition to having a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser.
  • Dj shows and booth. In the event that the establishment has performances or shows, the artists must have their own costumes, makeup and hairdressers for individual use, and during the performance they will also have to maintain a safe distance. As for the DJ booth, only the employee may remain in it and in the event that more intervene, "disinfection must be carried out at the end of each set".
  • Dance floor. "The venue will establish the maximum capacity of the dance floor in accordance with the criteria established in the Technical Building Code and respecting the safety distance between the public. The capacity of the dance floor will be signposted on the perimeter from the local dance area itself. As far as possible, the indicative grid will be marked on the ground in order to respect the safety distance. In the event that interpersonal distance cannot be guaranteed, the public will use masks in the area of ​​the dance floor«.

WELOVEBCN promotes the responsible party

We warmly recommend, although it may seem banal:

Always wear a mask

Maintain social distance from people who are not in your group

Always drink from your glass

Do not offer / accept drinks from other people

Wash your hands whenever you go to the toilet