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This is what nightlife will be like after COVID-19: disinfection and temperature control

WELOVEBCN supports the rapid recovery of nightlife in a phased manner as long as the health emergency allows it and respecting the hygiene rules in the premises.

Nightlife entrepreneurs work on a plan of preventive measures following in the footsteps of China, masks will have to be used in nightclubs and temperature will be measured.

Chinese nightclubs reopened their doors on March 25 after two months of confinement. A progressive return to normalcy that the Association of Nightlife Entrepreneurs in Spain sees as “a ray of hope” in which to be able to reflect when they resume their activities after the coronavirus crisis. It is because of that Entrepreneurs are working on the elaboration of a plan of preventive sanitary measures in leisure venues, closely following the steps that China has been taking.

The Federation of Nightlife Associations of Spain (FASYDE) is studying a battery of initiatives with the "utmost rigor and thinking about the progressive recovery of normality," explained Vicente Pizcueta, spokesman for the Federation, in accordance with the criteria set the health administration and in accordance, at all times, with the current confinement calendar and the next phase of de-escalation and reopening of business activities, "we want to convey a message of prudence and respect for the criteria of confinement, from there we will act" .

Fasyde businessmen are optimistic and seek to convey messages of hope and positivity to the public, although, as stated by the president of 'Noche Madrid' Dionisio Lara, the “recovery of normality will require the greatest effort, creativity and ability to act of the cultural and recreational sector to generate the trust and support of its public ”.

The Federation expects to have next week a document "very consistent" that they have carried out with health technicians, to send it to the Ministry of Health, "we want to be part of the solution."

Prevention measures for the reopening of discotheques

The data coming from China is presumed encouraging for nightlife entrepreneurs in Spain. "Their data is very valuable, they have already been able to open the nightclubs in the border region at the center of the epidemic," explained Vicente Pizcueta. That is why the business associations of the sector are working on the development of a plan of preventive measures and future hygienic-sanitary action protocols following the steps that the Asian country has already taken in this regard. "It can help us to anticipate a whole battery of measures in everything that has to do with the activities and shows to be carried out in our country," added the Federation spokesperson.

These risk prevention measures in nightclubs will undergo a systematic and in-depth disinfection of all the facilities before and after their operation and the use of PPE (personal protective equipment), masks and gloves, by all personnel of the establishment when developing their work.

The use of masks will not be compulsory for the public, however, a temperature control and the creation of a sanitary registry will be carried out, which allows the identification of all the people who come to the sessions so that the flow of people can be monitored. "The health card will allow knowing if the person has been in contact with cases of contagion or if they have passed quarantine," informed Vicente Pizcueta, in such a way that the profile of the public that can access a public establishment will be perfectly identified. "We do not know at what level these measures will reach Spain, but at least what will be done will be the health registration of all those attending a session."

Regarding the capacity in the premises, Pizcueta explained that he would "self-regulate"Since the demand for a call to nightlife will be based on public confidence." It is a psychological matter, in principle, a massive call is not expected. " However, he did anticipate measures to be carried out at the doors of the premises, "Interpersonal distance will be guaranteed in the access areas," where he assured that there will be more crowds of people due to records and preventive controls.

The Federation of Nightlife Associations of Spain hopes that all this battery of preventive measures is carried out in the transition phase, from the time the entertainment venues are activated until the activity is completely normalized, and they trust that "it will be of maximum utility".

Campaigns full of hope in nightlife

The National Federation of Entrepreneurs of Leisure and Entertainment is developing and disseminating campaigns in a positive key, In order to transmit messages of encouragement to citizens and try to continue to maintain the hope that everything will return, "we cannot let people lower their arms," ​​said Pizcueta, spokesperson for the Federation.

WELOVEBCN joins all those campaigns that flood social networks under the slogan: 'We continue to unite to see the sunrise together again', the entrepreneurs do not want their public to forget the many leisure dawns they lived through, and through this initiative assure them that they will repeat themselves.